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Fits All 87-06 Jeep Np231 Transfer Cases
Allows For Longer Driveshaft For Better Operating Angles
Compatible With The Factory Speedometer And Vacuum Shift Sensors For Full Factory_x000D_ Functionality
1-3/8" 32 Spline Main Shaft
Coverts From A Slip Yoke To A Fixed Yoke
Shorter Tailshaft Allows For Longer Driveshaft And Better Operating Angle
Allows For Use Of Factory Speedo
Rubicon Express Advantage Lifetime Warranty

Rubicon Express’ New Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit Is Designed To Eliminate Driveline Vibrations While Increasing The Strength Of Your Np231 Transfer Case. When Lifting Your 87-06 Jeep, Driveline Vibrations Are A Common Issue With The Increased Driveline Angles. By Converting To A Fixed Yoke, It Allows For The Use Of A Longer Driveshaft With Better Operating Angles To Help Eliminate Vibrations. Each Kit Includes A Replacement Output Housing, Heavy Duty Main Shaft, Rear Output Yoke And All Necessary Hardware.


Year Make Model
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2001 Jeep Cherokee
1991 Jeep Wrangler
2004 Jeep Wrangler
1991 Jeep Cherokee
1998 Jeep TJ
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1994 Jeep Wrangler
1999 Jeep Cherokee
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2005 Jeep Wrangler
1987 Jeep Wrangler
1992 Jeep Wrangler
1994 Jeep Cherokee
1998 Jeep Wrangler
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1997 Jeep TJ
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1988 Jeep Wrangler
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2002 Jeep TJ
2003 Jeep Wrangler
2006 Jeep Wrangler
1988 Jeep Cherokee
2001 Jeep TJ
1990 Jeep Cherokee
2003 Jeep TJ
1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2006 Jeep TJ
1995 Jeep Wrangler
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1993 Jeep Cherokee
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2002 Jeep Wrangler
1987 Jeep Cherokee
1989 Jeep Cherokee
1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1996 Jeep Cherokee
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2000 Jeep Cherokee
2004 Jeep TJ
1999 Jeep TJ
1995 Jeep Cherokee
1999 Jeep Wrangler
2000 Jeep TJ
1989 Jeep Wrangler
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1990 Jeep Wrangler
1993 Jeep Wrangler
1997 Jeep Cherokee
1992 Jeep Cherokee
1998 Jeep Cherokee
2005 Jeep TJ
1997 Jeep Wrangler
2001 Jeep Wrangler
2000 Jeep Wrangler