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Gibson Performance - Gibson Performance Muffler P/N 55162

  • Fully Welded T-304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Louvered and Chambered Design
  • Maximum Exhaust Flow
  • Increased Power
  • Better Volume Efficiency
  • Unrestricted Flow

  • Aluminized - 4 x 9 in. Oval Body - 2.5 in. Center Inlet - 2.5 in. Offset Outlet - Shell L-18 in. - Total L-24 in. Gibson CFT Muffler actually tunes your exhaust by using resonance chambers, directional louvered tuning ports and angular induction to draw exhaust gases into the muffler and expel it at a higher velocity. They feature a Chambered and louvered core, Non-packed muffler to ensures no sound degradation overtime and fully welded solid internal construction, This result delivers more power with a deep tone. Reversible.


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